Sobriety is difficult when you're doing it alone. It helps having other people around you who are or have gone through the same things that you're going through. It's a game changer when you're able to connect with someone who understands you.

Nomo lets you add partners to help you stay accountable. If you know someone personally, you can look up their username and add them that way. If you don't know anyone, Nomo can help search for profile of other people who are looking for accountability and have the same struggles as you. 

Once you're connected with a partner, you can do a few things:

  1. Chat: Nomo has an in-app chat feature. You won't have to worry about giving out your phone number, email, or social media usernames to start a conversation with someone. 

  2. Share Clocks: If you go into your clock's settings, you can enable/disable who can see your clock. When you do that, your clock will appear on your partner's app under the, "Partner Clocks" tab. They'll be notified every time you check in or reset your clock.

  3. SOS: In the even that you're struggling and feel like you're going to give into temptation, jump into your clock's settings and taps the SOS button. This will send out a notification and email to your partners, letting them know that you need support in that moment. 

The entire point of having a partner is to just have someone who you can relate to and walk through recovery with. Going at it alone is never a good idea. I hope this feature is a big help!

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