Finding an accountability partner is not always the easiest thing. My first recommendation is always to go to a local meeting and connect with people there. However, not everyone can and/or wants to do that. I completely understand. That's why Nomo lets you connect with other Nomo users!

Before you connect with a partner, there are a few important things to understand. 

  1. Accountability partners are a two-way street. They'll help keep you accountable, but you have to do the same for them. 

  2. Nobody is perfect. The world of recovery is filled imperfect people (except for you and me, of course). Be prepared to give and receive a lot of grace. If they mess up and have to reset their clock, respond to them the way you'd want them to respond to you. 

  3. Shop around. When you're looking for someone to help keep you accountable, don't just grab the first profile you see. You deserve to be picky. Read their profile and look at their stats. If you feel like you might be a good fit, send a request, otherwise move to the next profile. 

  4. Not a match? Let's face it, not everybody is easy to get along with (except for you and me, of course). If you've chatted with your partner for awhile and you're just not feeling the connection, that's totally fine. My only ask is that you politely let them know that you're going to look for another parter. Then make sure you disconnect from their profile. 

  5. It's not a popularity contest. You can have multiple partners, but I highly discourage adding more than 3 or 4. Why? Because you're going to be spreading yourself too thin. Imagine you find a partner and you're really excited, but then you find out your 1 of 200 people on their list. Quality over quantity. 

Once you're good with that, it's time to search for a partner! However, before you do that, you have to fill out a little profile so that they know a little about you when you send them a partner request!

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