First things first, don't be afraid to tap it. You have to click the confirm button to actually send an SOS. So you can't accidentally set one off :)

In recovery, we use some variation of the term, "Make the call". What that means is, when you're feeling tempted, pick up your phone and call an accountability partner. That simple call could stop you from making a big mistake. 

So what does the SOS button do? If you have accountability partners, the SOS button will fire off a notification and an email, letting them know to jump on the app and contact you. You have the option to include a message to let them know what's going on. 

The goal is for them to either call you (if you included your phone number in the message) or message you in Nomo. The SOS button isn't  to be taken lightly. If you get an SOS from an accountability partner, you're expected to drop everything and contact them. 

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