I say this a lot, but I think it's important: I'm not a company. I'm just a guy in recovery who created an app. I pay for everything out-of-pocket and the ads help offset that cost. 

The natural question would be, "Why don't you charge for the app?" Honestly, I can, but I won't. The last thing I want is 99 cents to be a barrier that keeps someone from using Nomo. I believe in my app and the community who uses it. Because of that, it needs to be accessible to everyone. That means I need ads running on Nomo so that it can be free for everyone. 

However, if you're like me and aren't a fan of ads in your app, I completely understand. I've had tons of requests from people to have an option to donate and give back. I thought that was an amazing idea, so I created a PayPal donation link. As a way to say thank you, it forwards you to a page where you can enter your email address and disable the ads on your account. 

If you're willing and financially able to, you can donate any amount. I'll appreciate it no matter what. Thank you so much for giving back!

NOTE: PayPal will forward you to the page that lets you disable ads, so please don't click away before it does that.

If you donated, but accidentally closed the page before PayPal forwarded you to the correct link, please click here.

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