Privacy is a massive deal when it comes to recovery. By default, your account is 100% private. What does that mean? It means that, without changing any settings, your account cannot be found by other users. If you just want to use Nomo without any outside connections, then you don't have to do anything. 

Some info can get shared WITH your consent

In some situations, parts of your profile will be shared, but it requires multiple steps on your part to do so.

  1. If you decide to post an encouragement, your username and profile picture will be publicly viewable on the Encouragement Wall. 

  2. If you disable, "Private Profile" from the settings, your photo, username, and the ability to send a partner request, will be available to someone who directly looks up your username. 

  3. If you fill out a Partner Profile and enable, "Searchable", the information you filled out in that profile will be publicly searchable within the app for 7 days or sooner if you disable it. 

  4. If you share a clock with an accountability partner, your sobriety date, clock name, current day count, stats, and chips will be viewable by that partner. 

Some content is never shared or made public by Nomo
Some stuff is just private and should never be shared even if you have partners. 

  1. Your email

  2. Your password

  3. Your journal entries

  4. Your messages (with the obvious exception of the person your messaging)

I hope that makes sense. I want to reiterate that, by default, Nomo treats your account as locked-down. If you make the decision to post encouragements, find partners, share clocks, etc, it requires your explicit consent to do so and can be disabled at any time. 

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