By default, your clocks are not viewable by anyone, even your accountability partners. Since many people have multiple clocks, they might not want to share all of them. So, sharing clocks is done on a clock-by-clock basis and a partner-by-partner basis. 

Here's how you share a clock:

  1. From the home screen, tap on, "Clocks". 

  2. Find the clock that you'd like to share and tap on it. 

  3. From the bottom menu, tap on the gear icon.

  4. Scroll down and find the section called, "Who can see this clock?"

  5. Under that section, you should see a list of your accountability partners. 

  6. Simply enable the toggle switch next to each partner who you'd like to share your clock with. 

  7. They will receive a notification letting them know that you're sharing your clock with them. 

For your accountability partner:

  1. From their home screen, have them tap on, "Clocks".

  2. Have them tap on the, "Partner's Clocks" tab at the top.

  3. Your clock will appear on that list. 

  4. They can tap on your clock to get more details. 

What does sharing a clock do?

  • Your partner will be notified whenever you reset your clock. 

  • Your partner will be notified whenever you check in. 

  • Your partner will be able to see your current count as well as chips at any time. 

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