Why is there a confirmation email?
The confirmation email is a security method used to prove that you're the owner of the email that you signed up with. The main reason for this is to prevent people from accidentally mistyping their email and signing up a stranger for Nomo (happens a lot). 

I never got the email. What do I do?
Don't worry! No system and/or person is perfect (except for you and me of course!). Occasionally a confirmation email won't get to your inbox. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Double check your spelling. Many times it's a simple missed letter. Most of the time it's the incorrect extension (i.e. @yahoo.com or @gmial.com instead of @gmail.com). If that's the case, you can actually change your email in the app (if you haven't closed the window yet, otherwise skip to step 3). Go back to Nomo and tap on, "I entered the wrong email!" You'll be able to enter a new email there.

  2. Check your spam/junk folder. Most of the time, it's sitting in there. If you do find it, please mark it as, "Not SPAM" in your mail app. This helps keep Nomo email out of junk folders for other people. 

  3. Email me. Sometimes spam filters can destroy emails before they even hit your spam folder. If you can't change your email, or your sure you just didn't get the confirmation email, just shoot me an email from the address that you used to sign up. If there was a typo, let me know the username that you picked so I can find your account. I'll be able to manually activate your account that way. My email is parker@saynomo.com 

I hope that helps!

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