If you upgraded from an older version of Nomo, you might have noticed that some things have moved around. If you're looking for the money saved statistic, you can find it by:

  1. Tap on, "Clocks" from the home screen.

  2. Tap on the clock that you want to view. 

  3. Tap on the second icon (looks like a speedometer) in the bottom menu. 

  4. You should see, "Money Saved" on the list of clock stats. 

What if I don't see, "Money Saved" on the stat page?
This is because your clock has (or doesn't have) a category that supports money saved. Update your clock's category from it's settings to one of these categories, "Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Shopping, Gambling, or Pornography". 

That will enable the money saved feature. 

NOTE: I'm releasing an update soon that will remove those restrictions and allow every clock to have the money saved feature. 

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