There's a lot of stuff going on in the background of an app like Nomo. So many different factors can cause something not to work. If you notice that something isn't loading or a number is wrong, you can do an Auto Fix. Auto Fixing clears and reloads all of your user data within the Nomo app. It's the exact same thing as logging out and back into your account, except it keeps you logged in. Auto Fixing only takes a few seconds and fixes most issues. 

  1. From the home screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on, "Settings". 

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and tap the arrow next to, "Auto Fix". 

  3. Tap the, "AUTO FIX NOW" button. 

  4. Once it's done, tap the, "Close" button and try whatever it is that was having issues. 

If you're still having issues after doing an Auto Fix, head back to this help center and search for your issue. It might be something that I already know about and am in the process of fixing. If you don't see your issue, please shoot me a message using the chat button in the bottom right corner of this window. 

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