I just submitted an update to Apple with a fix to this. Sometimes it takes them a couple of days to approve app updates :( Until then, if checking in is important to you and you don't want to lose your streak, here's a workaround:

  1. From the home screen, tap on, "Clocks"
  2. Tap on the clock that you'd like to use for checking in. 
  3. Under the big circle, tap on, "Tap here for classic mode"
  4. There's a checkin button at the bottom of the page. Just tap that. 
  5. Under the checkin button is, "Tap here for Fresh mode". Tap that to go back. 

When I created the Classic Mode, I had to give it its own checkin button. Unfortunately, the two buttons don't play well together. So, I updated the code to fix that issue. Thanks for being patient! 

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